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Day 3 Photo Challenge – Something You Adore

11 Jan

If this challenge was someONE you adore–of course I would post photos of my kids (who I truly adore). Since the challenge is “someTHING” you adore, I am posting this photo. This is our golden retriever, Chelsie. Chelsie’s story is well chronicled here at “She Chose Us”. I don’t know what I would have done without this special dog the past 7 years.


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Up for Another Challenge!

10 Jan

I am going to try this Photo-a-Day challenge I stumbled across on Amanda’s and Alicia’s blogs. I have tried the Project 365, but knowing my inability to sustain long term projects, I am certain 31 days is doable for me. I am starting 9 days late, but figure it’s just a reflection of my rebellious nature. What I am hoping is that this exercise will be the springboard to jumpstart a more disciplined writing regime.

Let the experiment begin–


This is the way you can find me most days after work. Once I get home, I love putting on sweats and a comfy sweatshirt (Nebraska of course) to begin my second job of mom and wife.

Lately, when I look into the mirror, my mother stares back at me. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, however, it takes me by surprise when I recognize my mother’s features in my face or my mother’s mannerisms as my own.

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Project 365

18 Apr

A colleague of mine introduced me to Project 365. At first I wasn’t interested at all because I am “scrapbook challenged”. I seriously—HATE to scrapbook, BUT I love to take pictures and love to write–thus appreciating the possibilities of such an exercise. I contacted my BFF’s daughter, who is an Internet mastermind and an amazing photographer, with this idea. Of course, she had an electronic answer to my dilemma within 24 hours (thanks Nicole). So begins my project—365 days of photos and musings. I am amateurish when it comes to structure, but I hope this will help me organize and creatively present the mundane and the occasional profundity that is my life. If you are interested here is the link: Marsha’s Project 365. If you would like to join us–simply sign up and add me as your friend.

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Photo Meme

09 Mar

This was an interesting meme from Annie. Want to participate? Here are the guidelines:

Open your photo files and…

  • Post the 6th picture in your 6th folder.
  • Post that picture on your blog along with the story that goes with it.

This is a photo of two very special men in my life, my brother and nephew at the Don Cuttill Memorial Golf Tournament. It represents all the love and support they have given to me since Don’s death. This is an annual event memorializing a great man and raising money for a worthy cause: Nazarene Compassionate Ministries.

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